Friday, December 31, 2010

Scrap the girls - December

The challenge for December for Scrap the Girls was to choose a colour combination, and I went with blue and orange.  The pic is of Alexa on her second orientation day, makes me laugh so much - look at those pigtails, and the school uniform (not ONE of the other girls wear a dress, they all wear shorts!!).  But not our Alexa - wanted to wear a dress!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stuck sketch Dec 1st

I love this layout!  What great colours, and such a classic photo!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yep, it's wet!

We have had over 2 1/2 inches in the last couple of days, and the rivers and creeks are full and flooding for the first time in about 15 years.  We spent a lot of yesterday driving around, even the girls are amazed by the way the country looks at the moment.  The road was closed between Marnoo and Rupanyup, just before old Orana (which is my Dad's farm, actually it is his paddocks that were covered just near the road closure!).

Here are some pics:

The Marnoo Oval where we had the school sports on Friday!  It would have been the swimming sports by Saturday morning!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

August Kraft it up

Was a colour challenge, with black, yellow, green and of course Kraft.  I used one of my new pics of Kiara, just love it.

Am a tad tired here this morning, Alexa has had a cough/cold all last week, with some interrupted nights, and now Kiara has it which of course means asthma for her.  So the poor thing has had a bad weekend, she is on the pred-mix since Saturday (luckily) and is home from school today.  Hopefully she will be back on track tomorrow.  Only hoping I am not getting it, too...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

STA Round 3

And finally Round 3 of Scrapz Biz Scrap That Ad Challenge:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home alone...

ay very well be the best pre-birthday present ever!  Oh, that sounds a little bad, but seriously it is nice to have a few hours to ones self I believe!

Have been scrapping up a storm the last couple of weeks, well, that is all this weather is really good for  isn't it, except making those gorgeous crops grow of course.

So here goes, in no particular order:

Bon's (mostly) boy kit

Bon's mostly girl kit!

Bon's combination of both  kits

I had another go at The Colour Room yesterday, much happier with this week's efforts, perhaps the colour scheme suited me more, with some bright yellow and blues.

And last, but definitely not least as I think it could be my favourite for a while, I did the August 1, 2, 3 challenge which was Colour: Yellow, word: sunshine, and technique: misting:

Notice a bit of a theme going on lately?  I have - white (or light) cardstock, with a coloured border top and bottom.  I'm liking the results, too (obviously, I guess!!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scrap that ad round two...

And the challenges are not getting any easier...this week's ad is Happy Little Vegemite - and we have to use the colours, the word happy, and a diamond!  Wow.... visit ScrapzBiz for more info.

So here it is:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TCR #18

I had another shot at The Colour Room last night, this time back in His Room.  I sometimes find it difficult to get the colours right...I look at some of the layouts posted up and think - that's not what I thought that colour combo was!  Anyway, pretty happy with the way this has turned out:

Had a happy email during the week with a $10 voucher at Scrapz Biz for a minor win in the June Ticklez comp - all spent already on another Martha Stewart butterfly punch.  Can't wait for it to come with the August Ticklez next week! 

Love start of the month and getting new kits!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Scrap That Ad begins

The competition at Scrapz Biz has started - the first challenge of Scrap That Ad can be found here
The ad is the Qantas ad, with the added criteria of including Australia in the title, a list, and a piece of Australia ephemera (the stamp).

Here is my take on it:
These pics were taken in January of 2007, and have been waiting to be scrapped ever since!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I can't wait to get...


From the ever so talented Jodi at Tildy's....ordered it for myself and will call it a birthday present from Peter and the girls - why not I say!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

TCR #16

Okay, so I joined The Colour Room when it first started, and have never managed to get around to completing any of their challenges:

Until now, that is!

Number 16 is the family room palette, with some rich colours of olive green, burgandy, and white.  So I took advantage of a "pretty" pic of Kiara to put the layout together.  This actually needs some journalling, but I think I will put it on the back as I don't want to clutter up the layout with it - but I probably need to explain that we are not "allowed" to call Kiara beautiful - she is that much of a tomboy!  And I am not meant to put flowers or pink things or pretty things on her layouts either LOL!!!

ANOTHER emergency visit...

Why does Kiara always get sick either on public holidays, at night, or on the weekend - or a combination of all three?  Last night at about 8:30 (in the midst of Masterchef, mind you) she started crying and complaining of a sore tummy again.  This also happened just over a week ago, but as she vomited that time we put it down to a gastro bug.  As Peter had a bad episode with appendicitis as a child, we are quite nervous about this, so I rang nurse on call, and as usual they suggested we head off to emergency.
Great.  So we rang Dad to come and sit with Alexa, who luckily had already gone to bed, and off we went.  And of course, just a few minutes into the 50km drive, Kiara is better.  Which also happened last time, she had a quick recovery.  But we kept going, and she was checked out - showing no signs except a slightly high temperature of there anything at all being wrong.  Which I guess is a good thing, but doesn't explain the pain.

Anyway, the diagnosis was possibly wind pain, which given her history is possible.  So we keep an eye on her, and even if it is the start of problems with her appendix it would be that early stage that they wouldn't do anything, anyway.  Grrrrr.  So we got home at about 11pm, I let her sleep in until 8:30 thinking she could be late for school - but she didn't want to miss out on "play".

Alexa and I have been busy baking today - all up we have managed a banana cake, honey crackles, lemon tarts and meringues (as we had egg whites left over from the lemon tarts).  All seem to have worked okay, but the proof will be in the tasting, I guess.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

From plain to perfect

I did a layout of a gorgeous photo of Kiara earlier in the month, documenting how proud we are of her in her first year of Primary School.  I just took another look at it and decided it looked unfinished somehow.  So I grabbed some stuff that kind of went with it, kind of matched, took about five minutes and turned it into a far better layout.

Perhaps sometimes you just need to go back after a while and look at your layouts with fresh eyes!



As an aside, most of the "after" version is from Bon's July girl kit, with a few bits added.  The photo has an action on it from (probably Lomo, since that seems to be my fave!).

Funny Times

So as mentioned, yesterday was a very happy, scrappy kind of day.  The girls are {finally} at the age where they are generally happy to play by themselves, and Mum is happy as she can scrap by herself.
Some of their favourite things to do at the moment are:
Playing babies in the bank: With Harrison and Ineka of course (not the real ones!!), although now Emily/Melody (depending on the mood of the day!!) has now joined in a lot more.  Kiara and Alexa are often "Craig" and "Kim" - hilarious when you hear their conversations!
Cooking outside:  Hmmmm, not too sure we'd want to be eating some of these little Masterchef creations - but it is funny to watch them cooking and judging each other since the start of Masterchef.  We luuuurve Masterchef in our house, the girls have their bath and then sit ready to watch.  Often Alexa doesn't quite make the end and asks to go to bed midway through, but Kiara normally sticks it out.

We are a bit sad that Marion didn't make it through, glad that Jimmy didn't, and are hoping that Adam wins tonight!

The girls also love to draw and colour - "Mum, can we have colouring pictures" is heard often, which means we search on the internet for various subjects to print out and colour in.

Can't wait for a bit warmer weather to come so we can have doors open and the girls can come and go as they please.

So here they are from yesterday - dressed up, hair in clips with Harrison & Ineka (not the real ones!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new beginning

A new beginning for a blog, and a new promise to blog more often!  I know, I know - I've said it all before {twice!!} but I am going to attempt to be a more prolific blogger from now on.

So this will be a place for ramblings on family, scrapbooking and whatever else comes to mind at the time.

Also a place to showcase my scrapping layouts in the one spot.

The big scrapping news in my world is the latest cover of Scrapbook Creations - featuring Our Girly Girl which is a layout I did of Alexa late last year.  On the cover!  I kid you not - take a look:

I have had a scrappy kind of day today - it is great now the girls are getting older they can amuse themselves without needing me every two seconds, so they have been busy playing (inside and out) and I have been scrapping.  I have done the following layouts for Bon's Scraps July Cybercrop - entries due Tuesday night so still time to enter


Charm's Sketch: 

Bon's Colour Challenge: 

Be back soon.  I promise!