Monday, July 26, 2010

ANOTHER emergency visit...

Why does Kiara always get sick either on public holidays, at night, or on the weekend - or a combination of all three?  Last night at about 8:30 (in the midst of Masterchef, mind you) she started crying and complaining of a sore tummy again.  This also happened just over a week ago, but as she vomited that time we put it down to a gastro bug.  As Peter had a bad episode with appendicitis as a child, we are quite nervous about this, so I rang nurse on call, and as usual they suggested we head off to emergency.
Great.  So we rang Dad to come and sit with Alexa, who luckily had already gone to bed, and off we went.  And of course, just a few minutes into the 50km drive, Kiara is better.  Which also happened last time, she had a quick recovery.  But we kept going, and she was checked out - showing no signs except a slightly high temperature of there anything at all being wrong.  Which I guess is a good thing, but doesn't explain the pain.

Anyway, the diagnosis was possibly wind pain, which given her history is possible.  So we keep an eye on her, and even if it is the start of problems with her appendix it would be that early stage that they wouldn't do anything, anyway.  Grrrrr.  So we got home at about 11pm, I let her sleep in until 8:30 thinking she could be late for school - but she didn't want to miss out on "play".

Alexa and I have been busy baking today - all up we have managed a banana cake, honey crackles, lemon tarts and meringues (as we had egg whites left over from the lemon tarts).  All seem to have worked okay, but the proof will be in the tasting, I guess.

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  1. oh poor Kiara and poor you but strange how they always get sick at night! and you've just reminded be to buy cornflour i have egg whites left over and was going to do a pav. lol.u Well I hope you have no more emergency visits.x.