Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funny Times

So as mentioned, yesterday was a very happy, scrappy kind of day.  The girls are {finally} at the age where they are generally happy to play by themselves, and Mum is happy as she can scrap by herself.
Some of their favourite things to do at the moment are:
Playing babies in the bank: With Harrison and Ineka of course (not the real ones!!), although now Emily/Melody (depending on the mood of the day!!) has now joined in a lot more.  Kiara and Alexa are often "Craig" and "Kim" - hilarious when you hear their conversations!
Cooking outside:  Hmmmm, not too sure we'd want to be eating some of these little Masterchef creations - but it is funny to watch them cooking and judging each other since the start of Masterchef.  We luuuurve Masterchef in our house, the girls have their bath and then sit ready to watch.  Often Alexa doesn't quite make the end and asks to go to bed midway through, but Kiara normally sticks it out.

We are a bit sad that Marion didn't make it through, glad that Jimmy didn't, and are hoping that Adam wins tonight!

The girls also love to draw and colour - "Mum, can we have colouring pictures" is heard often, which means we search on the internet for various subjects to print out and colour in.

Can't wait for a bit warmer weather to come so we can have doors open and the girls can come and go as they please.

So here they are from yesterday - dressed up, hair in clips with Harrison & Ineka (not the real ones!)

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  1. Love how you have added their little conversations, thoughts and feelings - in years to come this will be so treasured.