Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Favourite layouts of 2010

Okay, so I'm not going to put a number on it because it just might depend...and some may just be out for publication (woo hoo!!), so here goes (in no particular order):
He he he, this pic just cracks me up!  So funny, so fresh, great memories.

I can't take any credit for this one at all, it was a class by the wonderful Giovanna Scott, completely out of my comfort zone, and I love it to bits.

This was a challenge at Bon's, love the way it turned out.

Another classic photo, this was for a challenge at Scrapz Biz.

1, 2, 3 challenge, love this one, such a different set of colours for this girl's pics.

Another challenge at Scrapz Biz, love the trees and clouds - and again, the memories associated with these cute Aussie pics.

Ahhh.  So simple, so perfect.  I think this is my all time fave for the year.

I think this one was using a Bon's girl kit from earlier in the year.

And this one was from the very start of 2010, did it while on holidays in Warrnmabool.  Completely using a Scrapz Biz Ticklez kit.  I had done the layout without any journalling or title, but it needed something extra.  When we got home from holidays, I googled sayings that may suit and found the most freakishly perfect one.

And so that is it.  My faves from 2010.


  1. oh Leah they are gorgeous
    I will get mine out and put up on my blog tomorrow
    thanks for the inspiration xxx

  2. Oh I have been meaning to do that too, they all look just gorgeous Leah! :)

  3. Lovely layouts Leah - some great memories there - I love your whimsey one - just so different from the others...

  4. wow they are all so gorgeous, Leah!!

  5. They are all so great. I love how different that last one is and also love the 'simple yet effective' ones too!