Saturday, January 29, 2011

Holiday snaps

Sorry been MIA for a while, have been on our annual summer holidays to the beach (eventually, after being delayed slightly by floodwaters).  The girls had a marvellous time, we had great weather, and had lots of adventures.  We are all also very happy to be home, although it sure was straight back into it with three days of work and Peter back on the header.

School starts at the end of the week, they start on Friday so just have the one day and the weekend, this should suit Alexa though I think as she can have the weekend to recover from the excitement, and lack of sleep I'm guessing!

Here are some pics from the holidays:

Kiara just loved the beach once again, she loved to swim, kept getting "dunked", and would go every chance she got.

She had a great time when Tom went too, on her new boogie board.

Fairly sure I may have nabbed myself some new pics for scrapbooking, too.  We found our face painter again at the Friday night markets - check these out:


  1. Gorgeous summer pics. Plenty of choice there for a page or two..

  2. Wish it would be summer over here. Those pictures are gorgeous.