Monday, January 3, 2011

Project LIfe 2010

Here are just a few examples of my Project Life from last year.  It is definitely not finished, I have most of my photos in, just need to finish off the journalling.

For the front cover I simply cut one of the 12x12 pieces of paper that are included in the kit to the sizes of the pockets.  I added our surname and the year, and one of the 6x4 cards for a kind of title.  Simple, love it.

The above are just random examples from the album.  Just wanted to show that I have included a range of sized photos, some I cut down to go in the middle envelopes.  I tried to include bits of "stuff" that I kept during the year, and also wanted to show the last example where I used a whole page for an event (Alexa's birthday).

Think I had better be getting another one for this year now!

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  1. thanx for sharing, love how it turned out, youve inspired me to have a go...cheers