Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Of all the month's for my Scrapbooking Memories subscription to be late.  And for the magazine not to be in the newsagency until late.  Finally it arrived yesterday, so here is some clearer and bigger pics for me to brag about!!

And the front page of the "Simple and Stylish" gallery:

I managed to get away with this cover without too many issues because Kiara was actually IN the magazine!  

So that is my brag session over for now.  Hopefully there might be another one soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White with 1 - June

It has been a long time since I have joined in with White with 1 but this month how could I resist?  White + red + polka dots - just perfect!  And no handwriting or doodling in sight...

We usually see Kiara with her hair tied back in a pony tail, with all the bits falling out at the front - so this is a very rare occasion to have it all out and looking purty.

Scrapbooking Memories excitement!!

Apparently there is a new Scrapbooking Memories magazine out.  Volume 13 Number 8.  And apparently there is a very cute looking chickie on the cover....and believe me I would be showing you if I could!  But I don't have my sub yet grrrrr....anyway, so excited to have my layout "Ready for prep" with one of the cutest photos of Alexa on there.

Yes, yes, it is Alexa again, so there won't be much tooting going on in this actual house - if last time was anything to go by!  I hear I also have another layout in there, on the front page of one of the galleries - can't wait to see which one...

So that is the big scrapping news for me at the moment, can't get much better than that!  Will be back when and if I get my copy....

Edited to add:  Amazing what you can find when you have a look around, sorry it's only small but definitely better than nothing:

And check this out:

So exciting!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Beyond the Door

This is the first time I have ever done this challenge, set up by the gorgeous Catie.  Last month the challenge was a bit too "specific" for me, and didn't really suit my style.  But this month the challenge was to do a layout based on this gorgeous room:

I was inspired by the colours, and also the round light fittings and came up with this one, using pictures of Kiara from her school swimming fun day earlier in the year:

June Scrap the girls

A gorgeous colour challenge this month at Scrap the girls this month with cream/white: light pink: dark pink: black

and here is my take on it, using a gorgeous picture of Alexa from her 5th birthday: