Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy turning 7!

Kiara celebrated her 7th birthday this week, her birthday was on Tuesday but we had a BBQ for her on Sunday.

And now for some scrappy shares from some great new challenges that are being posted EVERY DAY over at ScrapzBiz and I have been really enjoying them - a great way to get back into the scrapping groove!
They include Scrap it Blind, sketch challenges, colour challenges, inspiration challenges etc etc, and here are some layouts:
This one was a sketch challenge, and I love the way the colours of the papers match in with the tulip.

I think this is the only photo we have of all 6 cousins on this side of the family - not the best photo in terms of lighting etc, but priceless just the same.

This one was a blind scrap, that I think I may have just mucked up right from the start!  So I juggled a few of the pieces to make it turn out okay.

This was another blind scrap, that I just left the last few steps completely off! I couldn't get a third photo to look right, so it is still sitting on the desk in it's cute little frame.

A colour challenge which suited the colours in this pic perfectly.

And a sketch challenge. Just check out the pics of the girls in front of their childcare/OSH care taken three years apart.  Oh my how they have grown!

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