Monday, December 19, 2011

December Daily 2011

So this has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks. I didn't put any foundation pages together. But I have been taking yesterday I had a play on Photoshop Elements and came up with my album (so far) for 2011.  Now when I say December Daily, I don't really mean "daily" - mine is more of a December {whenever I have appropriate photos and stories to tell}. But that is really a bit long to put on the front cover. Not that I have done the front cover yet!  I am really happy with how it has turned out, it hasn't been a lot of work, and is completely achievable with everything else that is going on.

So without any further ado.......

I was very inspired by Ali Edwards, just love the way she puts things together and I have a few of her brushes from earlier in the year with my Project Life. So I just adapted the way she was doing it to suit myself, changed the orientation as I mostly have landscape photos, popped on the photos first and then the journalling.  I printed them here at home on my Canon printer and they seem to be of high enough quality to last.  Originally I wasn't going to mat them at all, then I realised I had a whole packet of Stampin' Up A4 cardstock in the perfectly coordinating colour, and this also makes it far more sturdy overall.  Then I just grabbed any matching bits and pieces from the magic Christmas embellishment box and away I went.

I have also pulled out my December Daily's from last year and 3 years ago, it is great to look back at what we were doing then, the girls just love it.  And this is a really simple way of getting to the end result quickly.


  1. looks great Leah!
    Doing it digital would be less stress and mess!!lol!!
    great work and thanks for joining in!

  2. Gorgeous Daily! I love the Harvest page. I'm so jealous of the shorts in December! It's getting cold here!

  3. this is so cute!!!!!
    you are doing amazing ;)

  4. Oh my goodness!! I love this Leah!! Thanks so much for sharing :)x

  5. It looks fabulous Leah!! Love how you are putting this together :-)