Friday, February 24, 2012

A mojo buster!

So I haven't scrapbooked anything I have liked in a while...haven't scrapbooked ANYTHING at all in a while! What to do...what to do???

The first ever cybercrop is on over at Scrap Sanity which is a sketchy cc (yay!) and there is an earlybird sketch already up. It is a tricky sketch (I think) with lots of photos, a big flower cluster etc etc.  Hmmm. So I simply grabbed some photos of Kiara that were already printed out for other things and not used, some pink and blue papers and any embellishments that remotely matched (or not!) and threw it all down on there.

A good way to use up some of those things that may not match anything else, and since none of this matches it doesn't matter anyway! Where else would I use word stickers like "front porch", "burger & fries" or "hot fudge sundae"! Perhaps I am a little tired, as this layout is amusing me quite a bit!

Then when it came to the title everything just fell into place, as we often call Kiara "Ra".

The pics are not the greatest, as it is a very bright, sunshiney (and hot) day, but you get the idea. Thanks for looking, and I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Well, I gotta say, I think it looks FABULOUS. Everything looks deliberately and perfectly placed; I find it hard to believe it was just 'thrown' on there! Gorgeous work Leah! xo