Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Scrap Sanity Cyber Cropping

The cyber crop at Scrap Sanity is on, and I have managed to complete all the challenges (albeit with my own spin on one or two!!). Here they are:
First up was the early bird challenge, which was an inspiration pic challenge. I went with the colours and the whole earthy tone thing that was going on. These cork circles actually have things printed on the other side, but I think they look better plain. I have had these for ages, and really like the dimension they added to this layout.

The next challenge was to complete a layout using the colours in the photo. I had these great pics of Kiara rolling down the jumping pillow in Warrnambool, with some great orange and blue going on in them. This was an interesting layout in the way it evolved - I cut out some strips of orange and blue patterned papers and had them lying randomly on the page, then that was stressing me out so I lined them up (ahh, better!) then I snipped in the banner look and spaced them out evenly (even better again!). I like the way this has turned out, and will be doing this again.

Here's where I went a bit off track...this was a colour challenge, only I *may* have misinterpreted the colours was meant to be brown, burgundy, aqua and cream, only I thought it was pink not burgundy so blazed away with my DT kit which coincidentally matched perfectly (I thought Tiff was looking out for me and matched the challenge to the kit). Or not, as it turned out!!!

 There was another layout, but I won't put it up here without permission as it has a gorgeous picture of my nephew Dan on it and I would hate to embarrass him (actually, I quite enjoy embarrassing him, but perhaps not on such a widespread scale). But Dan, if you are reading and you would like to see it just give me the nod and I will pop it up. Kay?

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