Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Life for 2013

Some may know this, some may not - but I have completed Project Life for the past three years and now have three albums chock full of everyday memories. At times the project seems mundane, same old week in, week out - but then you get to the end of the year and flick back through and it is all so worthwhile! To look back even further makes it even more valuable, so many little memories would otherwise be lost.

So I am continuing on, refining my own little Project Life style as I go. This year I will be increasing the use of digital content, collaging photos, using digital elements (from either the Becky Higgins designs, the ever talented Cathy Zielske as well as freebies found around the web). I don't do photo a day (I did this the first year, but have really struggled with it since - there's only so many photos you need of mundane housework, I think!). I don't even necessarily do a week a page, sometimes it might be a day for two pages, sometimes when there is no photos it might be a month a spread. I don't stress over it, it is what it is - and that is better than no memory keeping at all.

This year I have gone with the gorgeous Seafoam kit designed by one of my favourite Project Lifer's Elise Joy Blaha Cripe and I love it. The colours and designs are so me! I also ordered the Baby Kit for Her and Baby Kit for Him with grand plans of doing the girls earlier years, but since playing with the digital side of things have changed my mind and am now going to do them digitally, so I will incorporate some of the generic cards from both these kits too.

I do plan on putting this in the Seafoam album when it arrives. And I am also trying very hard not to pre-order any of the new releases that are due out in May....I think I have enough "stuff" here for now!

And so, here is my cover page for 2013...simple, classic.

And week 1, using the Week in Review template by Cathy Zielske (which is the plan for the year, with extra journalling on 3x4 cards if there is more stories to tell):

Sorry about the reflection on this pic, I think I may be using some of my older page protectors left over from past years. I am still working on the whole digital thing and printing at home, sometimes what you see on the screen isn't quite what comes out the printer, but I'll improve on that I'm sure.


  1. Love it- your approach this year is very similar to that Seafoam!

  2. Love your PL layouts Leah, always have!
    Simple is the way I'm going too :)

  3. Very cool PL! I am still scared to do this...maybe next year ;)
    PS. Love your fresh new blog!!!!!!

  4. oooh lordy lordy... I'm 'almost' talking myself into having a go at PL!
    Your's looks fabulous!!