Friday, April 19, 2013

More from My Mind's Eye

So the second project of mine that was featured on the My Mind's Eye blog was my altered notebooks project. This started out well, the girls were given a diary each for Christmas that just had a plain plastic type cover and  I thought the My Girl range would be perfect to decorate them with the bright, happy papers and embellishments. I started by sorting through the My Girl goodies and deciding which papers and embellies would suit which child - this is made somewhat easier due to my girls having very different tastes and styles.

When I was part way through this, the girls actually came into my "bank scraproom" and wanted to know what I was up to and could they help. Hmmmm. Well actually no you can't help with mine, but how about you make your own? They were so excited that I let them at my "new" stuff and not just the paper and bits I don't want any more. We found a couple of new exercise books and away they went! I did help them a little with the cutting to fit and possibly selecting papers that didn't clash toooo much, and they had a great time decorating their own books.

And here is what we all came up with. My efforts are standing up at the back and the girls are at the front. I think we did pretty well!

On the left below is Kiara's diary that I made for her, she is the one who is not really very girly girl at all - she chose the felt ice cream and the decorative tape. I used the decorative tape around the edge of the cover to give it some extra strength and durability, and it also adds a little extra finish to the design. And on the right is the one Kiara decorated for herself, with all elements chosen by her. I was fairly happy with MY choices for her when I saw we had picked the same background paper from the many choices we had! She punched out circles from a contrasting paper and stuck them on too, and she loved the headphones sticker.

And Alexa's notebooks, again I made the one on the left and Alexa did the one on the right. Too cute!

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