Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ahhh I have missed thee

Seems to be exceptionally busy times at the moment, between school holidays, working, doctor appointments, catering (oh and a little bit of housework and cooking etc) - there is not a lot of time left for bank scrap time. I did get a little bit of time last weekend to play along at the Savvy Cybercrop and managed to get three, all very different, layouts completed.

 First up was the challenge where I am sure Sar was trying to make me do something messy...well, I sure showed her! I commented that I think this may very well be the cleanest messy layout ever completed. But it has all the components required - I painted the chipboard and stamped (with very messy ink, you know) the title! Love this photo I got of everyone at Broadbeach.

And from one extreme to the other, I took lots of inspiration from the quote challenge picture and made my own quote - complete with mixed media background and my own handwriting (albeit based heavily on the picture of the quote supplied).

And finally a simple layout of Alexa with our helmet. What more could we want?!?

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