Monday, April 28, 2014

For the love of crafty storage.

Storage. Crafty storage at that. Does it get any better? Does anyone else spend just as much time re-organising, or planning the re-organising, or pinteresting the re-organising of your craft room as actually crafting? Or is that just me....

My favourite product at the moment anyway, is the Organisers in the CTMH range. There is a small, medium and large and they all have the same footprint so are completely stackable. So far, I only have two mediums, but have a large and a small winging their way to me as we speak.

Here is how I have used my medium containers:

I have put all my clear stamps in one. I just had to remove a couple of the dividers to make more room for the larger ones - and look - I still have room for some more smaller ones! This method makes it really quick and easy to flick through to find the perfect stamp. I have the stamps sorted by brand.

In my other container I have all my Project Life cards. The 3x4's are sorted by colour, and in order of filler cards then journalling cards. I don't use many 6x4's so at the moment they are all just lumped in together.

Here you can see how convenient they are to stack away.

I am planning on using my large container for thicker storage, and the small one for washi storage.

These containers are really cheap - only $20 for the small, $25 for the medium and $35 for the large (plus $9.50 freight for orders under $150). If you are in Australia you can order these direct from my website (and check out all the other great goodies too) right here.

Don't forget, if you order over $75 for April (be quick!!) you can get the Stamp Of The Month which is perfect for Project Life for just an extra $5!


  1. Love the idea for stamp storage I have a medium that I haven't put anything in yet, thank you that will be perfect for my stamps I don't use the the stamps at the moment because they are disorganised :)

  2. That looks like such a great way to store stamps & PL stuff! Robyn

  3. I love our storage containers too! My first love is our stamps! Welcome to CTMH. I've enjoyed touring around your blog a bit.