Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Christmas Card Workshop, and other stuff

Well, it has been a while. And quite a lot has happened in that time - unfortunately not much of it craft related :(
Mid July our youngest daughter Alexa (8) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and she and I spent a week in hospital. She is now on an insulin pump, and is going well but it certainly is a new experience for all of us.
We have to do line changes for her pump every three days, which is not nice for her as it sometimes hurts. She has been having quite a few "hypos" which is where her blood sugar level is too low and this really seems to take it out of her, not only while she is having it but for hours afterwards.
It seems like this Type 1 thing is very unpredictable, whatever you do today and then repeat exactly tomorrow has a different effect on levels. Alexa is managing super well, though, thankfully taking it all in her stride (most of the times).
It also involved a lot of appointments, we are heading to Ballarat again to see her pediatrician, which we have been doing monthly. Hopefully after next month this might spread out to every three months.

So....other than that, not much exciting has been happening. I think that is about enough, to be honest!
I have been working on my first ever workshop - and it is Christmas Cards! I love them, the colours and patterns in the paper are fantastic. Here is what will be on offer:

The workshops will be held on a Friday evening and a Sunday afternoon in October, actual dates and times coming soon. I will need firm bookings before this time, to ensure enough goodies for everyone to be able to make their cards.