Friday, May 8, 2015

CTMH "DIY" Sentiment Tag Cards

Well that's a mouthful, but it best describes my latest little project - Do It Yourself cards. Simply adhere whichever sentiment suits your occasion and you have a handmade card in seconds.

Here is the complete set, then I will go through what I did to get to this point.

Firstly I cut out the gorgeous little tags on my Cricut Expression using the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. I cut the Colonial White cardstock first in size 2 1/2" to suit the stamps on the gorgeous Hostess Only set Tagged With Love. Then I used my co-ordinating coloured cardstock to cut a 2 3/4" tag to matt the first cut with. It doesn't fit perfectly, but close enough for me!

I simply stamped the top and bottom patterned piece onto the tag, then used a range of sentiment stamps in the middle. After adhering the two tag pieces together, I punched a slightly larger hole in the top and used some twine to make a simple knot. I used some twine I had in my stash, you can find some other colours here.

My first idea was to use foam tape on the back of the tags to adhere to the card bases, but there was also a suggestion from Facebook to put the tape onto the cards and use both sides of the tag for even more choice of sentiments. What a great idea!

For the card bases, I used my old faithful bulk pack of Colonial White cards & envelopes, which I suggest every cardmaker should have on hand (along with white) at ALL TIMES! Makes it so much quicker, easier and cheaper.

For the designs on the cards, I utilised the book Originals, hand crafted cards made easy. Now I must admit when I first got this book, I was less than impressed. Until I delved deeper, and ignored the colours of the paper and all that jazz. Once I looked at the sketches, I haven't put the book away since. For these cards I simply started at the beginning and worked my way through. Usually the cards don't end up looking the same as in the book, but it definitely helps me out with the original design instead of sitting there looking at all the pretty papers and things for ages.

I used the leftover pieces of patterned paper from a Paper Packet from Seasonal Expressions 1 - and only a few pieces at that. I love how with cards you never waste a piece of that gorgeous paper, every tiny piece can be used. Make sure you keep all your offcuts until the finish, you would be surprised how many cards can be lifted by the addition of an extra layer. I plan on getting some more of my favourite paper packets and make more of these DIY collections. The fantastic thing about the paper packets is not only do you get the gorgeous patterned paper, but the matching cardstock is in there too, so it is a total no-brainer. Perfect!

All up I made eleven cards, simply because I ran out of paper. There is no limit to the number you could make for this set, just keep making tags and card bases. For a couple of the cards I made pockets (because that's what my book had!) and I think this is another fabulous idea for tag sentiment cards - just make lots of bases with pockets, lots of tags, and voila! You are done -no mounting tape required to stick on the sentiment at all.

So there you have it. If you would like any of these products delivered straight to your door, just visit the shop at to place your order. Don't forget if you spend over $75 you can get the fantastic Stamp Of The Month for only an extra $5, and the special for May is the National Scrapbooking Month "Taste of Summer" paper packet and stamp. You will be prompted to add these if you wish at the end of your order.

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment or an email.

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